Father’s Day 2020 with My Family

Father’s Day 2020 with My Family

This would be my seventh Father’s Day. OMG, how times flies! My family (wife, daughter and later son) would celebrate Father’s Day without fail for me every year. There would be cards from my daughter and/or cake from my wife. It is also the day where I can wake up late, have my breakfast prepared on the table and skip house chores etc. This year is also the first time where I decided to share my Father’s Day on my new blog.

Handmade Cards

My older daughter handmade three (yeah three!) cards for me and my younger son made one card with the help from mummy. My daughter’s drawing has improved over the years and I can see that she had put much effort into the drawing. I have a body now though still having stick hands and legs =D There are many sentences like “You are the best Daddy in the world!” and “I love you Daddy!”. I also appreciate that she made use of recycled materials such as envelope and papers to make these wonderful cards.

This is the card given to me by my son. The card is unique such that I can pull the tab and the many hearts will ‘cycle’ in motion. It is a simple card but I can feel the love behind the seven moving colorful hearts.

Buffet Lunch

The food menu was planned by my wife and daughter in the morning. Look at the spread! We had ham and cheese sandwiches, home-made egg tarts, blueberry muffins and brownies. The sandwiches and egg tarts are handmade by mummy. There is even mango pudding for dessert! Before we dig in, I whipped out my recently bought camera tripod to take a family photo which is shown in the featured image of this post.

buffet lunch father's day 2020
Simple food that warms my heart and cool food menu by the way.

The egg tarts are crispy and taste just like what you get from a cake shop. I would prefer it to be less crispy and with more filling. The sandwiches are cut into triangular shapes and placed aesthetically on the plate. Again, I would prefer both ham and cheese together but mummy said it is to increase the variety on the menu. Surprisingly, all these finger foods could actually fill up my stomach. The desert was served half an hour later and the pudding was good as in not so sweet but the mango was overly sour to my liking.


From this year onward, I would post and share my Father’s Day cards, presents and food with everyone. In my opinion, there is no need for expensive presents, paid Father’s Day cards or ordered food like pizzas as I appreciate all their simplest efforts that they had made to celebrate this special day with me. While I had always lost the cards and forget what delicious food and cakes that I ate every year, I hope the photos in this post will start to serve as happy memories to me and my family for many years to come!

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