Sihoo M57 Ergonomic Office Chair Assembly and Review

Sihoo M57 Ergonomic Office Chair Assembly and Review


Widescreen desktop monitor with 144Hz refresh rate, RGB computer cases, mechanical keyboard, and branded gaming mice. Most of us are upgrading and following the Internet trend for the ultimate computing or gaming experience. It is more prominent since COVID-19, where one spends 6 – 8 hours a day in front of a computer at home. After building a neat PC system, one will eventually look for the other things to upgrade to go well with the PC system, and one of those things is the chair, also known as the ‘desktop or office chair.’


My previous chair was an IKEA Flintan chair. After reading IKEA office chair reviews on the Internet, it was a choice between Markus or Flintan, and I picked the latter due to the lower price tag. The Flintan chair lasted three years before the fabric seat started to smell due to my sweaty tights. While looking for cheap office chairs as a replacement, the Sihoo M57 was frequently mentioned in a local tech forum HWZ beside Herman Miller Aeron office chairs or the infamous Secretlab. In the end, I pulled the trigger on the Sihoo M57 desktop chair because it fits my budget, although it still carries a hefty price tag of $170.

M57 Assembly Guide

It took a little over an hour to assemble the chair, but the assembly should not take more than 40 minutes with this guide.

Parts Layout

  1. Headrest
  2. Backrest
  3. Seat
  4. Seat Tilt Adjuster / Tension Control
  5. Armrest
  6. Gas Lift Cylinder
  7. Casters (wheels)
  8. Tool Set (spare screws and washers included)
  9. Base

Step 1 – Attach Wheels and Gas Cylinder

Push the five wheels in with your hand, and then put the base on the floor. Next, use your body weight to push downwards with the help of gravity to ensure all casters are inserted evenly. Insert the gas lift cylinder into the circular hole at the center of the base.

Step 2 – Fasten Armrests and Seat Tilt Adjuster to Seat

Try to rest the inverted seat on the Sihoo box as it will be easier to install the armrests. Do take note of the armrest placement as they should be pointing outwards. Imagine you sitting on the chair; the armrest should slant towards your monitor. Next, position the seat tilt adjuster such that the knob ‘X’ is to the other ‘X’ direction and fasten it. Do not forget to use the washers for screws!

Step 3 – Slide in Backrest, Insert Base and Install Headrest

Slide the backrest into the seat tilt adjuster and screw it onto the seat while using your hand to support the weight of the backrest.

Next, lift the seat together with the backrest and rest it on top of the gas lift cylinder as shown. Screwing is not required as the tip of the gas cylinder fits into the hollow space. Finally, slot the headrest into position!

Highly Adjustable and Ergonomic

Is Sihoo M57 truly an ergonomic office chair? Yes! The headrest can be adjusted vertically and rotated. The backrest can back tilt, and the waist pillow support can be adjusted vertically and horizontally. The armrests can be adjusted vertically, horizontally, and rotated. Last but not least, the backrest tilt can be ‘disabled’ by pulling or pushing the lever (yellow arrow) and turn the knob clockwise or anti-clockwise to adjust the backrest recliner tension. For example, we increase (+) to prevent sudden quick tilt-back movement.

Pros and Cons

Here are the pros and cons when comparing the M57 mesh office chair with my previous IKEA Flintan office chair. The inclusion of a headrest is a huge plus because I can lay my head comfortably now. I am also amazed by the adjustable waist support, which I took a few days to get used to – the feeling of something pushing to support your back for back pain. The flexible armrests allow me to relax both my elbows while I type and use the mouse. This may be a standard for all mid-range desktop chairs, but my ex-Flintan came with fixed (non-adjustable) armrests! After one week of usage, the gas lift cylinder still managed to hold the seat’s height, so I think Sihoo did well here.

The only cons are the breathable mesh backrest and seat are not as comfy compared to the fabric Flintan chair, but I understand this is up to individuals. Nevertheless, the breathable mesh does work its magic because I don’t have sweaty tights anymore.


The Sihoo M57 ticks all the right boxes: ergonomic, cheap, mesh, the lumbar support. The built quality of the M57 may not feel premium but still justifies its price tag. I weigh 75kg and 171cm in height and can sit cross-legged spaciously on the seat. The best office chair is very subjective, but overall, it is still one of the best home office chairs and affordable for any home business owners and gamers alike.


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